Community Roles
The ShineDAO community and its roles were designed with a focus on inclusion while increasing benefits for members with higher incurred risk - "skin in the game".


Anyone can get involved regardless of their background, skill level, or availability. Users will be able to earn rewards and work their way up to gain more benefits in the community.


The amount of veSHN grants members different roles in the community along with the following benefits:
  • Access to closed discussions
  • Access to seed-sales, pre-sales, and IDOs of our projects
  • Voting power and influence in the community
  • Ability to earn more rewards
  • Ability to get involved with incubated projects
SHN can be earned or bought:



Community members with free access to open content
With free access you will be able to:
  • Learn about new projects
  • Expand your network
  • Follow Degen News
  • Participate in open discussions
If you complete the onboarding, you get all the required info to start earning SHN automatically for engaging with the rest of the community.

⭐^1 (Contributor):

Community members with > 5 000 SHN
With ⭐^1 (Contributor) role you will be able to:
  • Participate in our community calls & access meeting notes
  • Engage in closed channels for contributors (and earn extra SHN)
  • Access discussions on Degen News posts
  • Create content for ShineDAO (and earn extra SHN)
  • Access to incubated projects updates and discussions
  • Create proposals in our governance
Please type "!join" in #⭐join channel of our Discord server to start bot and get your role in the community.

⭐^2 (Supporter):

Community members with >15 000 SHN
With ⭐^2 (Supporter) role you will be able to:
  • Support projects with $ (depending on tier)
  • Access to supporters hub (meet other people supporting early-stage projects)
  • Access to deal flow discussions - all projects in our pipeline
  • Participate in closed AMAs with project founders before negotiating incubation
Please find more info on supporters, project flow, and deal access in Supporters.

⭐^3 (Committee):

Community members with >400 000 SHN
With ⭐^3 (Committee) role you will be able to:
  • Ability to support projects with $ (priority access and highest allocations)
  • Access to committee-hub (meet other people with highest stakes at ShineDAO)
  • Access to treasury management discussions

⭐^4 (Guild Member):

Community members with > 15 000 SHN + Completed onboarding + Passed trial period
With ⭐^4 (Guild Member) role you will be able to:
  • Contribute to squads of our projects and earn their token rewards
  • Drive initiatives at ShineDAO and earn SHN or stablecoins from Speed Budget Pool
To get the role, please express your interest in #💡suggestions channel of our Discord.