Welcome to ShineDAO! 🌟

Version: 1.9

Happy to have you here! This is intended to be a living document that is managed and updated by a distributed group of contributors and might therefore not reflect the most recent decisions made by the ShineDAO. With that disclaimer, let's blast off!


ShineDAO community is a group of retail investors and ambitious contributors with different backgrounds, skill levels, and availability. We share a mission to found, support, and become early adopters of promising blockchain technology.


Our vision is to become a global DAO that incubates cohorts of promising projects by giving early-stage investment opportunities to retail investors and allow the community of contributors and early adopters to earn token rewards for contributing to the projects.

Aligned Incentives

We believe that maximizing the success of decentralized products requires aligning incentives of all stakeholders in the organization. Here is an overview of stakeholders and their key benefits:


Get access to invest in seed sales and IDOs of promising projects


Get the opportunity to be involved and earn projects tokens as rewards

Incubated Projects

Get funding from 100s of retail investors instead of a few VCs

Get access to an active and incentivized community of contributors