An overview of launch features and functionality.

Permissionless user interface (UI) facilitates generating, deploying, and interacting with smart contracts for ERC-20 tokens on multiple blockchains and scaling solutions.

Deployers control swapped assets and their rates, deal availability, access, distribution, deal discoverability, and deploy custom deals to the desired network in seconds.


Currently, it is possible to launch deals on Aurora, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. You select the network by simply connecting the wallet to the network you would like to deploy a deal to.


Title gives users context about a deal. If the deal is listed (see section Listing), the title will help users to find the deal faster in the dashboard.


Any ERC-20 token can be swapped for any ERC-20 token at any rate, as long as both tokens are on the same chain (for now). You need a high enough balance of Offered Tokens (A) to be able to launch a deal. Offered Tokens (A) are being sent to the smart contract as a final step of the deal launch process.


Schedule allows you to control deal availability, by defining start and end times. The values are represented as Unix timestamps. To generate Unix timestamps based on desired dates and times, you cand use Unix Time Converter.

Please note that your Offered Tokens (A) will be sent to the smart contract when you create a deal, even if the Start Timestamp is in the future. You will be able to claim the remaining Offered Tokens (A) after the End Timestamp, Accepted Token (B) will be sent to your address immediately.

Access & Caps

Open Access

Open access makes your deal available to anyone without caps. This means the whole deal can be swapped by one random address, given that it can provide enough Accepted Token (B).


Whitelist allows only selected comma-separated addresses to participate in the deal. You need to define cap per any of the whitelisted addresses, by adding comma-separated values for Token (B) Cap/Address in the same order as values for Whitelisted Addresses.

If you want all addresses to have the same Token (B) Cap/Address, you will need to add the same cap as many times as the number of Whitelisted Addresses (comma-separated).

NFT Gate

NFT gate allows only addresses with specified NFT collection to access your deal. You need to define cap per address holding NFT.

Multiple NFTs on the same address do not act as a multiplier for Cap/Address.

Token Gate

Token Gate allows only addresses with specified tokens & fulfilled tier requirements to access the deal. Tiers define the minimum amount of Access Tokens required for access & each tier has a Token (B) Cap/Address.

In V1, there are 4 tiers required by default when Token Gate is enabled.

The values for Access Tokens and Token (B) Cap/Address in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 need to always be higher than the previous Tier.

Please note that all caps are defined in Accepted Token (B) and not the token you are offering as deal deployer - Offered Token (A).



Instant distribution means that both tokens A and B will be released instantly to both parties at the swap event.


Lock allows you to define the % of Offered Tokens (A) at each swap that you want to be locked along with lock duration (in seconds). The unlocked tokens will be released instantly.

Linear Vesting

Linear vesting allows you to define % of Offered Tokens (A) at each swap that you want to be locked and vested. Unlocked tokens will be released instantly.

Linear vesting means that the locked tokens are going to be distributed to the users linearly over Vesting Duration (in seconds). By defining Cliff Duration (in seconds), you will be able to postpone the start of vesting in the future.

To convert days to seconds, you can use the calculator below.

To calculate the duration between two times and dates you can use:


By default, your deal will be public and shown in the dashboard, as long as users are connected to the right network and also accessible via a generated link.

Private deal is hidden from the dashboard. It can be accessed via a generated link.

Slippage & Fees



Since the deal is happening OTC for a fixed price you defined, there is no slippage for swaps.

Deployment Fee

25 MATIC or 0.015 ETH, depending on the network.

We collect a small deployment fee to prevent spam.

Token A Swap Fee


The fee is charged only when your Offered Token (A) is successfully swapped. If you claim any of your tokens back after the end time, you wont be charged any fee for those. The fee is collected in token A.

Token B Swap Fee


The fee is paid by the user swapping accepted (A) for offered token (B) only when they are successfully swapped. The fee is collected in token B.

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