Supporters are users buying SHN tokens and staking them with a time lock to get veSHN.

The key benefits of being a supporter are:

  • Protocol fees form OTC deals

  • Governance power

Find more about veSHN here:

⚪pageveSHN Token

Private Deals Access

A minimum of 15.000 veSHN balance gives supporters the right to participate in SEED events. Their personal allocation depends on their veSHN balance, the deal size, and other supporters’ interest in that deal.

💲pagePersonal Allocation Example


veSHN gives the Supporters the following monetary rewards:

  1. Fees from ShineDAO Protocol (all OTC deals)

  2. Vested project tokens from SWAP

  3. Treasury yield

Supporters indirectly benefit when SHN appreciates in value, due to buying pressure and buybacks.


Additional to the monetary benefits, supporters are given governance rights, controlling:

  1. Accepting projects for SEED

  2. Accepting projects for SWAP

  3. Distribution parameters

  4. Assets in treasury

Find more about governance here:


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