An overview of swap features and functionality.

Given that the user address is fulfilling access requirements, it can interact with smart contracts and swap tokens based on terms defined by the deployer.

Find a Deal

Public Deals

You can find all public deals in the Deals section:

V1 deal dashboard shows only deals deployed on the network you're connected to. If you want to find deals on other networks, please change the network.

Private Deals

Private deals are hidden from the dashboard. They can be accessed via a generated link.


Please make sure you understand the deal details and verify token addresses before initiating a swap.

Given that your address fulfills access requirements, you will be able able to approve the token spend and swap the tokens. If tokens are being locked or vested, we'd recommend saving the deal URL, so you can withdraw them in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out in the #general section of our Discord server:

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