Project Assessment

What do we take into account before incubating a project?

Business Model

  • How compelling are the product idea, problem, and solution?

  • How is the project going to become sustainable (earn/make money)? How quickly can they do that?


  • What market share can a project take?

  • What do the competitors look like?

  • What are their advantages over competitors?

  • What is the use case of the project?

  • What legacy infrastructure is the project trying to replace?


  • What is the technology used?

  • Is it open source?

  • Is it unique?

  • How difficult is it to apply?

  • What are the use case(s) it aims to cater?

  • What is the planned roadmap for MVP, upgrades, and new features?

Core Team

  • Have members undertaken successful ventures in the concerned industry previously?

  • Is their expertise sufficient to reach their projected milestones?

  • Have they been involved in any questionable projects or scams?

  • If there is no team, what does the developer community look like?

  • How does the activity on GitHub look like?

  • Do the founders have the skills and vision to succeed? Experience and competence play a major role.

  • Are there the right people in the team in addition to the founders, including experienced consultants?


  • Has the project received any funding?

  • Is the project listed at any exchange or DEX?

  • What is the supply and distribution scheme?

ShineDAO Support

  • What kind of support would they be expecting from ShineDAO?

  • What is the time to market without ShineDAO involvement?

  • How many tokens would they be willing to provide for the ShineDAO community allocation during the incubation period?

Risks/Red Flags

  • What does the wide community think about the project?

  • Are there any red flags raised?

  • Do the goals seem realistic?

  • Has there been noticeable progress or growth?

  • Have there been any media posts?

  • Does all the information provided correspond to the truth?

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