ShineDAO incubator is a self-govern community on a mission to fund and support the most promising Web3 & DeFi innovators.

The incubator was designed to encode incentivized relationships and align interests between projects, supporters, and contributors while sustainably growing the treasury and SHN token price.

The key products offered by ShineDAO Incubator are SEED and SWAP.


SEED allows Web3 and DeFi projects to request funding support from selected ShineDAO supporters (veSHN holders). Contributors facilitate the SEED proposal process and coordinate the SEED event upon approval from supporters. Supporters collectively approve the project they are interested in supporting through ShineDAO.

SEED event allows supporters with necessary veSHN balances to purchase tokens. Their veSHN balance also impacts their individual allocation. Project tokens are distributed to supporters over a negotiated vesting period, to align incentives long-term.

Supporters pay a fee which, together with the weekly yield from the treasury, is used to compensate for the efforts of contributors in sourcing projects and facilitating the process, while creating a strong incentive to lock SHN in the veSHN contract. Thus, there is no conflict of interest between supporters and contributors.

Besides capital, projects can expect feedback, advice, and ideas from their supporters.


SWAP allows Web3 and DeFi projects to get execution support from the talents & advisors network or allocate resources for open bounties. Every individual in the talents and advisors network is screened, and either has extraordinary achievements from their past positions or has proved themself by contributing to previous ShineDAO open bounties.

To incentivize individuals in the network, projects can request to swap their (often illiquid) project tokens with SHN and define milestones. Contributors facilitate the SWAP proposal process and coordinate the SWAP event upon approval from supporters.

Supporters collectively approve the project they are interested in supporting by allowing them to swap their tokens with SHN and access the talents and advisors network. To ensure long-term alignment, project tokens are vested to the veSHN holders and expand the DAO treasury.

Contributors receive SHN as compensation and have the ability to either stake it and become supporters or sell it to the supporters who are looking for SEED access, or speculate on token reward distribution through veSHN.


The Shine treasury generates returns by having its assets fully deployed and utilized through yield farming. SHN in treasury grows in value due to buy pressure from the buyback mechanism, the inflow of new supporters looking to get into SEED, and supporters looking to benefit from SWAP. 50% of tokens in SWAP will be vested to the treasury directly. veSHN holders can exercise governance overall assets in the treasury.

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