Incubated Projects

Are you building a project?

What problems is ShineDAO solving for early-stage teams?

‌Early stage crypto teams all require a certain mix of resources to develop their project in a fast and sustainable way. They need early-stage users that can provide feedback together with advisors that possess expert knowledge, they need to build trust and credibility in their project and they need to get exposure in the wide crypto sphere. Traditionally, these projects have seeked VC funding to obtain these resources and scale up their development.
‌The current system with VC funding hybrids has an inherent conflict of interest between the token- and equity holders.VCs are seldom interested in acquiring tokens in a potential project but rather equity in an established entity. Friction can occur if the opinions of equity holders are different from token holders. In essence, you end up with 2 separate systems of governance, where one system has to win. Listen to equity holders and you as a project lose credibility with your community and token holders. Listen to the token holders and you risk losing your funding from the VC. We see this as a tug of war where the project founders are the rope, pulled between two major forces.

How are we solving these problems?

Choosing the right fundraising platform as an early-stage team is difficult, and we believe that maximizing project success requires more than just the provision of capital. Furthermore, we want to be true to DeFi and enable a way for projects to grow outside of the centralized system.
‌We are proud to present a fundraising model that allows teams and communities to engage in new incentivized relationships. ShineDAO enables it’s community members to invest in seed-sales of early-stage teams and works intensively with these teams for up to two months, to get them into the best possible shape and refine their product for IDO launch. ShineDAO takes 5-20% of the total token supply of incubated projects and distributes them to contributors from our community proportionally to the value of their input. For more information on the selection & incubation process, please revert to Deal-flow.

We support our teams with:

  • Seed-sale support
  • PR and community building
  • Token economics
  • Security audits
  • Product strategy
  • Development task force
  • UX / UI design & Branding
  • IDO Launch
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