What problems is ShineDAO solving for early-stage teams?

‌Early stage crypto teams require a certain mix of resources to develop their project in a quick and sustainable way. They need:

  • capital to cover costs (audits, individual salaries, deployment costs, legal audits, ...)

  • advisors that possess expert knowledge,

  • early-stage users that can provide feedback,

  • ability to build trust and credibility,

  • ambassadors helping with exposure,

  • recourses to meaningfully reward the early community of contributors.

Web3 products are often open-source, decentralized, and community-owned. Traditionally, teams seek VC funding to obtain resources and scale up their development. The core defensibility of Web3 products comes from the community of stakeholders and their network effects. Therefore we believe that raising capital from the community of founders, devs, designers, bridge builders, community managers, influencers and early Web3 adopters is maximizing the chance of success.


‌We allow teams and communities to engage in new incentivized relationships throug SEED and SWAP. To find descriptions of SEED and SWAP, please refer to the overview page.

SEED: Sell your tokens (or SAFT) to get funding before IDO

1. Capital for your project from DeFi and Web3 founders, devs, designers, bridge builders, community managers, and influencers

Find more about Supporters:


2. 1 agreement, 100+ individuals with “skin in the game”

3. Community of engaged early adopters

SWAP: Swap your tokens (or SAFT) with SHN

1. Access to 100+ ShineDAO frens (vetted individuals in talents and advisors network) that accept SHN as a payment

Find more about Frens Network:


2. Ability to utilize own illiquid tokens to incentivize contributors

3. 1 agreement, 100+ individuals with “skin in the game”

4. Ability to stake SHN to get veSHN and all corresponding benefits

Find more about veSHN:

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