Get involved and rewarded for supporting the community and incubated projects.
There are two general types of contributors:
  • Open bounty contributors
  • Talents & advisors network

Open Bounty Contributors

Anyone can become a contributor by completing the onboarding and start contributing to open quests and bounties for ShineDAO and our projects. The quests can be found in #đź’°bounties channel of the ShineDAO Discord server.

Frens Network

The frens network comprises of vetted individuals and frens from other well-established projects, and DAO service providers. They support ShineDAO in sourcing and evaluating projects, participate in SEED, and offer services and consultations to our projects.
For concrete milestones and deliverables, frens are rewarded with SHN.
To ensure long-term "skin in the game", projects can choose to SWAP their native tokens with SHN (or sign a SAFT) and use SHN to incentivize individuals from the frens network. Their native tokens are vested to veSHN holders.
To become a part of the frens network, please complete onboarding and mention what value you can bring in #đź‘‹introductions.