Degen News
Degen News

What is Degen News?

Degen News is a crypto news platform where users can submit articles and upvote other user articles. In this way, we are always showing you the best and latest hot crypto news.

How does it work?

While anyone can read the news, only onboarded users can submit new articles and upvote existing articles. If you still haven't completed the onboarding you can finish it here. Articles are ranked based on the upvotes and recency of the article. The more SHN tokens you have in your wallet the more voting power you have. Recently submitted articles will also rank higher.
You can find more info on getting SHN in SHN Token section.

What type of stuff can I post on Degen News?

In general everything crypto-related. However, what we expect that will rank higher is the type of stuff that is considered as alpha in the crypto. For example: Something major is happening in DeFi and you are going to find about it first on Degen News.
Last modified 2mo ago