Get involved and rewarded for supporting the community and incubated projects.
ShineDAO is a community-driven incubator govern by ambitious contributors with different backgrounds, skill levels, and availability.
We use a project's native tokens when contributions support activities before the launch and we reward contributions with SHN when activities are aimed towards ShineDAO directly.
Contributor guilds are currently being reorganised. Please find more info in the our Organisation: Projects, Guilds, Squads & Roles discussion. Your input is very welcome!

How to Earn Tokens of Incubated Project?

Incubated projects will be using their native tokens to reward contributors and early engagement.

How to Earn SHN?

SHN is a digital currency used to continuously reward contributors that help us with bringing ShineDAO to the next level. Here are activities that will get you SHN:
  • Completed contributor onboarding process
  • Engagement in Discord
  • Reffering a contributor
  • Referring a partner
  • Referring a project for incubation
  • Completing a task in an initiative
  • Driving an initiative
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