Get involved and rewarded for supporting the community and incubated projects.

ShineDAO is a community-driven incubator govern by ambitious contributors with different backgrounds, skill levels, and availability.

We use a project's native tokens when contributions support activities before the launch and we reward contributions with SHN when activities are aimed towards ShineDAO directly.

How to Earn Tokens of Incubated Project?

5-20% of the total token supply of each incubated project will be used to reward contributors and early engagement in form of their native token.

How to Earn SHN?

SHN is a digital currency used to continuously reward contributors that help us with bringing ShineDAO to the next level. Here are activities that will get you SHN:

  • Completed contributor onboarding process

  • Engagement in Discord

  • Reffering a contributor

  • Referring a partner

  • Referring a project for incubation

  • Completing a task in an initiative

  • Driving an initiative