Token Utility

Deal Access:

Investors need to hold a predefined amount of SHN to get the right to participate in seed-sale and IDO of incubated projects and access the Investor Hub. An increasing demand for access to seed-sales and pre-sales of blockchain projects will cause an increase in demand for SHN, driving price up as the impact of a strong community & support grows. Users will be automatically removed from the Investor Hub if their SHN balance falls below the minimum threshold. Find more in section Investors.


SHN as governance token enables community participation in managing the risk of incubated teams as well as further development of the project. Facilitation of this process is done through continuous approval voting whereby holders of SHN create and participate in various proposals on a regular basis. Proposals receiving the most votes are activated after built-in delay which provides the community with a buffer for reacting to the upcoming changes.

Community Incentive:

All community members are incentivized to scout interesting new projects and contribute to the development of the incubated projects. The contributors that have provided tangible contributions, e.g. by actively providing feedback, asking relevant questions, giving teams useful advice, or in any other ways have actively contributed to accelerate incubated projects’ success are rewarded based on the incentive scheme illustrated in the Contributors section.

After listing, ShineDAO will together with its community refine and introduce several types of staking mechanisms for accessing the deal pools, rewards, liquidity mining and fully decentralised governance as outlined in Feature Backlog.